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Do you think you are too old for braces? Whether you’re eight or 45, the team at Sharon Dental in East Guillimbury, can use the latest orthodontic technology including Invisalign Clear Braces to give you a smile that you will be proud of in any situation. The orthodontic technologies we use are amazing, but we’re pretty sure it’s the passion we have for what we do, and the great community of people we do it for, that makes a real difference in the end result: your complete satisfaction in your new smile!

For more information on our orthodontic services (Braces), please contact our office by filling out the contact us form or call us on (905) 478-1098. We offer complimentary orthodontic consultations!

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Braces are type of orthodontic treatment used to correct the teeth that are crowded, crooked, out of alignment or irregular spacing. By moving the teeth, it adds more attractiveness to smile for both child and adult. Getting dental braces is decision that is faced by many of the people in their life. At Sharon Dental, we believe there’s no age limit when it comes to having a great smile.

Orthodontic Care

We offer comprehensive orthodontic care for children, teens and adults with the emphasis on early interceptive treatment. The traditional form of achieving a beautiful smile has always been braces by moving the teeth at a slow pace. The impact a beautiful, healthy smile has throughout your life is incredible. It can open doors, boost confidence and help you make the right impression that lasts long after you’ve left the room.

A new smile at Sharon Dental is about more than just straight teeth; it’s about creating a smile that enhances your natural facial beauty. Our in-house orthodontist, will prepare a treatment plan to move your teeth based on your lifestyle preferences and orthodontic needs.  We rarely remove adult teeth, which can flatten the patient’s profile and age the face. Our motto is to make adult smiles that adolescents grown into, not adolescent smiles that adults grow out of.

Braces for Adults | Sharon Dental


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